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Energy calculator: help customers predict the cost to run

Demonstrate product knowledge and establish your store as the place to go for garden advice with La Hacienda’s energy calculator. This free tool helps you put your customers mind at ease when it comes to electric outdoor heating products: by showing them exactly how much it costs to run. 

Better yet, this tool can be embedded into your own website free of charge. Contact your usual Sales Manager to find out how to get started.  

How to use the energy calculator 

To use the energy calculator, shoppers choose the desired electric heating product from the dropdown list and input the number of hours they expect the product to be in use.  

Once you’ve filled in the form, click “calculate” for the cost. Magic!  

Predict the cost to run the Copper Tabletop Halogen Heater

Share your expertise 

The energy calculator is a great way to establish rapport and use your expert guidance to make the sale. It also helps start a helpful conversation around a topic that many shoppers will be wondering: “how much will this product cost to run?” 

Shoppers can purchase Tauri in confidence

Use on your website 

We’re excited to share that La Hacienda customers can now embed the energy calculator on their own website. This tool is an example of a full cycle customer journey – where shoppers can find their favourite electric outdoor heating product, calculate the cost to run, and even check open times before they travel to your store.  

To get the calculator for your website, contact your usual Sales Manager who will be happy to help.  

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