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Helping customers choose: Fire pit or chimenea?

Customers looking to up their heating game are usually choosing between two main stays of the outdoor heating world: fire pit or chimenea.

As the outdoor heating experts, we’re breaking down the differences so you can help your customer choose the perfect finishing touch for their social garden space.

Fire pit or chimenea?

Fire pits and chimeneas are both mainstays of the outdoor heating world because they’re easy to use, cheap to run and last for years with proper maintenance.

La Hacienda fire pits and chimeneas come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and styles so there’s one for every taste – but small details can make a big difference to the customer experience.

Fire pits

A fire pit is an open structure – usually a bowl shape that holds plenty of fuel and keeps burning long into the night if needed. Fire pits can produce large flames and a huge amount of heat, which also makes them great for cooking if they come with a grill attachment.

The round shape of a fire pit allows heat to radiate from all sides – so they produce a lot of heat in a large space, and people can sit all around it to keep warm.

Fire pits are great for:

  • Affordability
  • Cooking
  • Heating a large, 360 space


In contrast, a chimenea is a closed structure with a front opening for stacking fuel, and a chimney to take smoke up and away from people and neighbours. The contained fire is smaller and requires a little more maintenance, with heat coming mostly from the open side.

A chimenea is a great choice for a smaller space and fewer people, although they do produce a considerable amount of heat.

Choose a chimenea for:

  • Affordability
  • Contained fire and directed smoke
  • Smaller areas with fewer people

Things to consider

Fire pits and chimeneas are both easy to use, but perform better in different spaces – a fire pit is ideal for a large, open space and a chimenea preferable for smaller areas.

It’s important to consider smoke and safety above all, ensuring fire won’t pose a hazard to people, pets, or property. Help your customers find the right solution for their space by asking:

  • Who’s using it?
  • Where are you using it?
  • How big is the space?

With the proper use, right care and maintenance, choosing the right fire pit or chimenea can bring joy to the garden for years to come!

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