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La Hacienda pizza ovens: Everything you need to know

A close up of the Lorenzo pizza oven from La Hacienda

For tips, tricks and answers to pizza oven FAQs, you’re in the right place.

Here we’re answering some frequently asked questions about outdoor pizza ovens so you can feel confident about positioning, fuelling, cooking and cleaning – and the only thing to worry about is whose turn it is to be chef.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, do contact us and our experts will be in touch to let you know the answer.

Otherwise, buon appetito…

How does an outdoor pizza oven work?

In an outdoor pizza oven, a lumpwood charcoal fire is lit to heat up the inner dome and hearth. The ovens are designed to heat up very quickly, and retain well-balanced heat for a long time – with smoke funnelled out through the chimney. Inside, a pizza stone is also heated up to a high heat. When you place your pizza inside, it’s cooked very quickly in the retained heat (not on the flames), giving it a thin and crispy finish.

Can I use my pizza oven as a barbecue?

Some pizza ovens, including our Salona and Lorenzo models, are multi-functional, so you can use them as a barbecue too.

How far should an outdoor pizza oven be from the house?

Pizza ovens should be at least 2 metres away from any flammable materials and have a 2 metre clearance from overhead or adjacent surroundings. Make sure there’s plenty of ventilation to prevent smoke inhalation; don’t place the pizza oven under a gazebo or covering.

How long does an outdoor pizza oven take to heat?

It takes about an hour for your pizza oven to heat up, depending on the size. It’s important to keep a close eye on your oven once the fuel is burning; never leave the oven unattended.

What do you burn on an outdoor pizza oven?

For cooking food, it is essential to use lumpwood charcoal. Do not use coal in a pizza oven.

Do you need a pizza stone for an outdoor pizza oven?

If you want to make pizza, you need a pizza stone. The stone absorbs heat easily and retains it for a long time, giving your pizza a fast cook with a crisp, high-quality finish.

Can you leave an outdoor pizza oven outside?

Your pizza oven should be stored inside but if left outdoors temporarily, use a suitable cover once it has cooled completely. For long term storage the pizza oven should be stored in an environment free from frost, rain and excessive moisture. We highly recommend using a pizza oven cover.

Can you use an outdoor pizza oven in winter?

Yes! Just make sure your pizza oven is kept covered and dry until you’re ready to use it, since moisture can damage the oven. You’ll need more fuel in the colder months, as the oven will take longer to heat.

Can you put an outdoor pizza oven on a wooden deck?

No. The pizza oven must be placed on a secure, level and heat resistant base, never on wooden decking or any other flammable material including dry grass, artificial grass, wood chips, leaves or decorative bark.

How do you clean an outdoor pizza oven?

Once you’re finished with your pizza oven, let it burn for an extra 30 minutes to burn off debris, then let it cool completely before scraping off residue with a scraper and brush.

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