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Perfect cooking with pizza oven accessories 

Pizza is always a good idea! With La Hacienda, garden retailers can offer a variety of pizza ovens and accessories instore – leaving shoppers with everything they need to get cooking. Help shoppers complete the kit and get the best out of their product when you display pizza oven accessories instore: pizza stones, cooking essentials and covers are available to order now. 

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Pizza stone  

Make tasty artisan style pizza with the pizza stone. This is the perfect accessory for those looking to cook an even, crispy pizza base – the natural cordierite stone distributes the heat evenly without the need to flip the pizza, giving a crispy crust every time. 

Cooking essentials 

Help customers with every step of cooking with the Pizza Spatula and Roller Cutter. Made from stainless steel, the Pizza Spatula is a helpful tool to transport pizzas safely from oven to plate. Use the Roller Cutter to effortlessly slice the finished pizza. 

Pizza oven cover 

Encourage shoppers to protect pizza ovens from the elements with a cover. Made of breathable woven fabric, La Hacienda covers come with drawstring adjustment to help contain pizza ovens when not in use – perfect for keeping the product safely outside through the warmer months.  

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