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The BBQ pizza oven topping Best-Of lists for 2023

The La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven is a clever gadget to have around during summer – designed to be placed on top of a gas or charcoal barbecue for rapid heat up ideal for cooking pizza, fish, meat, cookies and more.

There’s no assembly required, and it’s easy to use – no wonder it’s topping so many ‘best of’ lists this for summer 2023 already.

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Read on to discover who features the La Hacienda BBQ pizza oven on their Best Of list.

The Mirror: Best budget pizza oven

The Mirror rates the La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven as best for budget options, since it’s easy to use and affordable with no assembly required – pointing out that although it’s small, it gets the job done.

The Sun: Best pizza ovens to buy in 2023

The Sun says this pizza oven is super easy to use by putting the stone on top of the barbecue grill, and the stainless steel hood over the top. With a dial on the top to indicate the temperature, it’s handy and affordable – what’s not to like?

Expert Reviews: Best BBQ accessory for pizza

Expert Reviews calls the BBQ Pizza Oven the best barbecue accessory for pizza – the ideal fit if you’re looking for a pizza oven that’s smaller than average but doesn’t compromise on quality. They say the removable stone base makes it easy to clean and its small size with helpful handles on both sides make it a doddle to store away.

Hello Magazine: Best pizza oven for fast delicious pizza on the go

Hello Magazine rates the La Hacienda BBQ pizza oven as best for fast, delicious pizza on the go. They say that since the oven simply pops directly on top of the barbecue, making pizza is easy. They point out that reviews across the internet are positive, with a lot of praise for the crispy base on the pizzas, and good customer service.

You Magazine: Best affordable pizza ovens

You Magazine puts the La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven on their list of best affordable pizza ovens – point out that foodies no longer have to head to the pizzeria to enjoy fresh, tasty pizza. They recommend elevating the alfresco dining game with this one.

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