Knowing the differences between the various water feature models can be confusing, so we've put together a comparison guide to help. You can find useful information, including how much it costs to run each model below...

Product nameProduct codeCost to runPump Wattage (W)Dimensions (H x W x D)LED LightsCable Length (W)
Spiral Showers45221L£0.0732104cm x 40cm x 40cmYes10m
Illusion Falls45220L£0.01779.5cm x 39cm x 41cmYes10m
Petite Ripple45174L£0.021170cm x 38cm x 38cmYes10m
Solitary Pour45171L£0.031665cm x 43cm x 51cmYes10m
Ango Falls44026L£0.012.581.5cm x 39.5cm x 32.5cmYes10m
Kiso Column44030L£0.094536cm x 18cm x 18cmYes10m
Kyoto Falls44028L£0.012.560cm x 60cm x 51cmYes10m
Nara Ripple44027L£0.021150cm x 7cm x 49.5cmYes10m
Zen Pour44029L£0.012.535cm x 15cm x 22cmYes10m
Sparkling Bowls4714L£0.031685cm x 41cm x 44cmYes10m
Azure Column4657L£0.01755cm x 25.5cm x 25cmYes10m
Rippling Vase45186L£0.011074cm x 38cm x 38cmYes10m
Irondale Pours44024£0.016.664cm x 38cm x 38cmNo10m
Whiskey Bowls44025£0.021167cm x 50cm x 48cmNo10m
Fence Post Pours45153L£0.012.552cm x 28cm x 22cmYes10m
Pouring Pot Wall4658L£0.012.562.5cm x 30.5cm x 29cmYes10m
Flowing Jugs45134L£0.0217105.5cm x 43cm x 40cmYes10m
Country Garden Pour45180L£0.012.552cm x 37cm x 28cmYes10m
Cotswold Trough45241L£0.031685cm x 45.5cm x 44cmYes10m
Coastal Sleepers45248L£0.01550cm x 26cm x 20cmYes10m
Bubbling Brook45209L£0.012.541cm x 54cm x 31cmYes10m
Forest Fern45256L£0.02857cm x 44cm x 20cmYes10m
Balsam Pools45232L£0.016.738cm x 59cm 26cmYes10m
Colorado Fall25102L£0.094597.8cm x 57.2cm x 48.3cmYes10m
Willow Spills45092L£0.012.567cm x 42cm x 33cmYes10m
Como Springs4664L£0.031754cm x 49cm x 49cmYes10m
Red Rock Springs45203L£0.031771cm x 62cm x 35cmYes10m
Garda Falls4665L£0.094566cm x 89cm x 77.5cmYes10m
Hinoki Springs45235L£0.0525100cm x 66cm x 50cmYes10m
Knotted Willow Falls45166L£0.0422100cm x 62cm 47cmYes10m
Playful Bunnies45250L£0.01333cm x 40cm 21cmYes10m
Serenity45246L£0.012.278cm x 54cm x 46cmYes10m
Otters Element45205L£0.016.754cm x 37cm x 33cmYes10m
Otter Pool45132L£0.031776.2cm x 44.5cm x 40.6cmYes10m
Playful Otters45103L£0.016.756.4cm x 35.5cm x 29.2cmYes10m
Spellbound45257L£0.012.558cm x 32cm x 28cmYes10m
Patina Bowls44000£0.042290cm x 70cm x 70cmNo10m
Simplicity44004£0.021296.5cm x 70cm x 70cmNo10m
Odyssey44010L£0.042293cm x 66cm x 66cmYes10m
Oasis44012L£0.031750cm x 48cm x 83cmYes10m
Lioness Fountain44001£0.0317151cm x 820cm x 82cmNo10m
Tranquil Spills 44005£0.0945135cm x 95cm x 39cmNo10m
Cotswold Sun44022£0.031677cm x 71cm x 71cmNo10m
Mysterious Moon44023£0.016.677cm x 71cm x 71cmNo10m
Dappled Column44015£0.031762.5cm x 41cm x 41cmNo10m
Obelisk Falls44013L£0.0317110cm x 49cm x 49cmYes10m
RHS Harlow44016£0.0317140cm x 80cm x 80cmNo10m
RHS Wisley44019£0.1050105cm x 60cm x 60cmNo10m
RHS Rosemoor44018L£0.031780cm x 70cm x 70cmNo10m
RHS Hyde44017£0.021296cm x 96cm x 96cmNo10m

*Cost to run based on £0.34kWh / 6 hours run time


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