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Will An Outdoor Electric Heater Keep Me Warm?

When it comes to outdoor heating, what do shoppers look for? Efficiency.

People want to know they’re getting what they paid for – to keep warm and enjoy the outdoors for as long as possible.

In the spirit of educating customers on the shop floor, we’re helping retailers answer the question they hear most – will an outdoor electric heater actually keep me warm?

The answer? Yes! Here are the 3 reasons why.

Electric heaters focus heat where it’s needed

Electric heaters are a smart, simple and modern alternative to traditional wood-burning and gas heater options. One of the reasons electric heating is chosen as opposed to other options is the focused heat.

Using infrared technology, electric heaters offer instant heat with minimal heat loss, making them perfect for outdoor heating all year round.

If you place it on a patio to warm up guests, that’s what it will do.

Infrared heating minimises heat loss

Infrared heat travels in a straight line from the source allowing the focused heat to be efficiently aimed at the target object without heating the air in between.

This is the most efficient heating method, resulting in minimal heat loss and making it easier to get warmer faster under the heater.

Think of it in the same way you would feel the warmth from the sun on a summer’s day.

The wind doesn’t blow electric heat away

Heaters using convective heat transfer heat up the air around them, wasting a lot of energy and making them slower and much less efficient at warming the people gathered around.

As a result, warm air can be easily directed away from its target by airflow, and it is impacted by other weather conditions. That means if the wind blows, it takes the heat from a gas heater with it and the heating process has to start again.

This type of heat source also produces a large amount of unnecessary co2 emissions.

Discover the range today

La Hacienda has 19 electric heaters within its range, including models with LED lights to create the perfect ambiance for any outdoor space.

Standing Heaters – Free-standing and varying in height and style, standing heaters are easy to move around a patio area and provide warmth – right where it’s needed.

Tabletop heaters – Ideal for keeping your guests warm and parties going, tabletop heaters make a stylish centrepiece for any outdoor dining space.

Hanging heaters – Ideal if you have a pergola or gazebo. Simply hang from a rafter and enjoy the warmth from above – keeping you outdoors for longer.

Hanging Mushroom Heater Silver

Parasol heaters – Designed to easily clip onto a parasol pole, these heaters provide 360° heat distribution to keep the chill at bay.

Contact your sales rep today to learn more about the updated electric heating range – remember to access the La Hacienda trade portal for new lifestyle imagery, product descriptions, and digital assets.

If you’re a customer looking to purchase a La Hacienda electric heater, you can browse the range here and make a purchase by visiting your local stockist. Don’t forget to sign up our newsletter below for news and ideas about La Hacienda products!