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Turn up the heat with Standing Quartz 

Electric patio heater products are a fantastic solution for shoppers who are looking for an easy-to-setup, cost efficient option for their garden. Here’s how Standing Quartz Heater can help your shoppers make the most of their gardens this season: it’s a stylish and adaptable outdoor patio heater that runs economically.  

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Standing Quartz Heater is a modern and trendy product with an industrial feel. A contemporary design and stylish powdered grey finish allow it to easily suit everyone’s garden wonderfully.  


Whether it’s a patio, yard, pergola or decking space, Standing Quartz Heater can be adapted to fit any area. An adjustable height means it can be raised or lowered for preference, and a long 1.8m cable helps shoppers place it in the best spot in the garden. Two heat settings allow shoppers to get the perfect temperature. 


Standing Quartz Heater is powerful yet energy efficient, starting at a running cost of 68p per hour*. With La Hacienda’s energy calculator, shoppers can predict the cost to run their outdoor patio heater before they make the purchase. Establish trust and expertise with your customer base by using your free energy calculator

Read more about La Hacienda’s energy calculator here. 

*Estimate based on 1000w and £0.34 kWh. 

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