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3 winter fire pit tips to share in store

A lit La Hacienda fire pit

It’s fire pit season! Even on cool, dark evenings a La Hacienda fire pit keeps things toasty, so garden lovers can enjoy their outdoor spaces all through winter.

In this blog we share three easy customer service tips for keeping firepits in top shape throughout the colder months.

Use our tips to increase basket spend in store – contact your sales representative to add Easylogs and fire pit covers to your next delivery.

How to care for fire pits over winter

Read the instruction manual

Each La Hacienda product comes with expert guidelines to help your customer safely use and care for their product. Available in a range of languages, our instruction manuals are easy to follow and include parts and assembly kit lists. 

Psst: Did you know that you can have instant access to all our instruction manuals through our free trade portal and on product pages? The website’s mobile friendly, so teams can access manuals on the shop floor.

Use the right fuel

Safety first! Untreated wood, logs and Easylogs are the only fuels that should be used with outdoor heating products.

Easylogs are smokeless wood briquettes that are a safe and easy way to light fires in the garden. Place the Easylog inside your firepit, light the bag and enjoy heat for up to two hours.   

Invest in a fire pit cover

Outdoor heating appliances should be stored in a dry, frost free environment year round and kept away from rain and excessive moisture.

A fire pit and cover make a great pairing – increase the total at the till by encouraging a fire pit cover with every purchase with placement nearby.

We hope this helps! Here’s one extra tip from us:

Where can you put a fire pit?

Use a fire pit on a flat, even surface – a patio is perfect.

Avoid using a fire pit on wooden decking or any other flammable surface such as dry grass, wood chips, leaves, decorative bark, artificial grass, or other surfaces that are not heat resistant.

La Hacienda fire pits are designed to be easy to set up, use and keep alight – consult the instruction manual on your product for safe use recommendations.

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