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How does a patio heater keep people warm in winter?

Garden lovers don’t have to head inside when the temperature drops. With efficient outdoor heating, people can stay warm, stay outside and stay on budget.

Here, we’re helping retailers educate customers – how can they find a heating solution to keep the party going outdoors? A patio heater could be the answer.

How does a patio heater keep people warm?

Patio heaters are electric, designed as a smart and simple alternative to traditional wood-burning and gas heating options.

Electric heat from a patio heater uses infrared technology. Infrared creates instant heat with minimal heat loss – it travels in a straight line from source to target without heating the air in between.

Learn more about the benefits of electric outdoor heating here.

Is an electric patio heater better than a gas heater?

Yes! The direct line of heat using infrared means the people around it get warm and stay warm.

The convective heat of a gas heater heats up the air around the heater – but that means it relies on still air. If the wind blows, it take away the heat from a gas heater, and the process has to start again.

When a customer buys an electric patio heater to keep people warm, that’s what it will do.

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