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How much does it cost to run a patio heater?

We’re glad you asked – we’ve done the maths.

“How much does it cost to run?” is a frequently asked question by garden shoppers, and now retailers can give them the answer.

Outdoor electric heating is surprisingly efficient to run – and you can use our free calculator to be sure.

La Hacienda outdoor heating calculator

Use the free La Hacienda cost-to-run calculator on any of our electric heaters including the popular Standing Heater, Folding Parasol Heater and Hanging Mushroom Heater.

La Hacienda outdoor heaters are an efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood burning options.

With the addition of LED lights, our electric heaters don’t sacrifice any of the flame-fuelled ambience, either.

How to use the outdoor heating energy calculator

It’s easy. Head to the outdoor heating cost to run calculator page, and choose your La Hacienda electric heating model from the dropdown menu.

Input the number of hours usage for an intelligent estimate on the cost.

You can reset the calculator as many times as you like, and select different heaters to work out the right choice.

Are there cheaper alternatives to electric outdoor heating?

Traditional outdoor heating including fire pits and chimeneas could work out cheaper depending on how often they’re used.

Products like the Cairo Firepit and Black Forest Fire Globe could be cheaper to run overall.

We recommend using Easy Logs for fuel because they’re easy to light, create a safe and simple fire and are environmentally friendly.

Chimeneas are another popular alternative to outdoor electric heating and are great for small gatherings or heating a specific space. Try the Companero Chimenea for a traditional design, the Circo Chimenea for something more contemporary or the Mesh Colorado when you want 360 degree warmth.

Colder weather doesn’t mean the end of patio season – especially when garden lovers can work out exactly what to expect when the bills come in.

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